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Parish Updates – Dec 29, 2008 – Jan 2, 2009

Parish Updates

1. On Dec 28, Congrats to the officers and committee members of the Church. Please pray for the new team as they work for the parish and please assist them in any matters.

2. On Dec 29, Congrats to Bibu (Mr. Raju Philip’s nephew) and Merina on their wedding. May God Bless the Happy Couple as they begin their new life. Please keep them in your prayers.

3. Painting the Parsonage project is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 30 in the morning around 9 AM. All are welcome to participate. Please contact Joby Varghese for morning information.

4. New Year’s Qurbana Service will held at 8 AM on Jan 1, 2009 on Thursday.

5. Sunday School Midterm exams will be held at the end of the January.

Diocese Events
1. St. Thomas, Yonkers will conduct its annual Resolutions Conference on 3 January 2009. This event is open to all MGOCSM (13 and over) and Focus (22 and over). Speakers will be Dn. Philip Mathew and Vijay Thomas.  If interested,please contact Asha at asha.thomas@gmail.com.

2. MGOCSM will host the annual Talent Show on 10 Jan 2009 in Philadelphia at the St. Thomas,Unrah. If our church is interested in performing, please contact Lijo John for more details –lijohn@eden.rutgers.edu.

3. The Annual Family & Youth Conference will be held on July 15 to July 18,2009. If interested, please contact Vijay at vijay.a.thomas@gmail.com for more information.

Side note: A basketball team could be formed to participate in the activities.

4. Missions Trip – MGOCSM wants you to serve on the Missions Trip for Summer
2009.  You must be 18 and over to participate. For more information, please
contact Asha at asha.thomas@gmail.com OR Anoop Thomas at anoopmthomas@gmail.com.

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