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Parish Updates – Dec 20 to Dec 26, 2008

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Parish Updates
1. December 20th, Christmas Caroling is canceled due to inclement weather. Please pray for the families that we visited  – may their be Peace in their lives that Christ provides.

2. Canned Goods – Charity Drive. Please bring cans this Sunday, Dec 21. Please drop them off in the Upper Hall by the stage. The canned goods will be given to Project Hospitality of Staten Island.

3. Christmas Service (Dec 25) will begin at 8 AM. Don’t wait for Santa too long! He is coming to church later that day.  Before Santa – was Christ!

4. When Santa comes that Christmas afternoon, if anyone would like to sing or speak a Christmas message, please let Asha know on Sunday or via email at

5. Closing of accounts- have you given your Christmas present to the Church yet?  Please bring your donations to the church for the close of this year.

6. Bring your home vanjika (cans) back to church for collection on Sunday, Dec 29 or earlier.

7. General Body Meeting is scheduled for Dec 29. Please pray for the meeting and that the Holy Spirit may guide us in the selection of the church officials. Please pray for the current church officials.

8. Staten Island Christmas Ecumenical event will be held on Friday, 26 Decemeber 2008.  Please pray for the event and the activities.

9. Upcoming – TBD – singing at the Staten Island Nursing Home.

Diocese Events
1. Today – FOCUS (for youth over 22) will host the annual potluck event on December 20 at 3 PM to 9 PM. This year, it will be held at St. Thomas Unrah, Philadelphia. PA.

Please contact Asha at for more information.

2. St. Thomas, Yonkers will conduct its annual Resolutions Conference on 3 January 2009. This event is open to all MGOCSM (13 and over) and Focus (22 and over). If interested,please contact Asha at

3. MGOCSM will host the annual Talent Show on 10 Jan 2009 in Philadelphia at the St. Thomas,Unrah. If our church is interested in performing, please contact Lijo John for more details

4. The Annual Family & Youth Conference will be held on July 15 to July 18,2009. If interested, please contact Vijay at for more information.

Side note: A basketball team could be formed to participate in the activities.

5. Missions Trip – MGOCSM wants you to serve on the Missions Trip for Summer 2009.  You must be 18 and over to participate. For more information, please contact Asha at OR Anoop Thomas at

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